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Sponsored Organizations

Hardcore League


Competitive E-Sports Organization that is looking to provide the best competitive experience possible. We provide professional coverage of matches and positive environment for players. 

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Phoenix Elite Network


A competitive clan, that plays on multiple platform: Xbox, PC, and PS4.  Please check them out.

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Phoenix Elite Ariel League


A competitive Ariel League, that host the Top Pilots in the world, currently on Xbox. 

check them out on Twitter:   @PhoenixAL9330 

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Team Work Defined


Highly Skilled Competitive Clan. Currently being assembled. Not ready to be unleashed on the world. 

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XBox One Community


21K strong Community on Facebook.

 Hello and welcome to Battlefield: XboxOne Community were you can share/talk all things battlefield.   (We have always been known to home PC players & PS4 players, if you are apart of those platforms you are welcome to stay and share experiences we are all battlefield fans here)  

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Sponsored Streamer



 Ret Army. ClanAOD Community Guy & BF Server Mgr; EA GameChanger; DICE Friend; @AscendBF. @Stackupdotorg & @Battlefield Stream Teams; Bus: beardeddeity@gmail.com 

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